No introduction needed

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What is Retriever?

Retriever makes every sales meeting a warm one.

By taking on the tasks of identifying new leads, contacting potential partners, qualifying their interests and scheduling friendly calls, Retriever frees sales teams to do what they’re best at - connect with others.

In a short time, Retriever has showcased the success of their service by developing leads with a 50% conversion rate to demoes and creating growth that has doubled revenue for all of their partners within 6 weeks.

How does it work?

Consult: Using a dedicated research team, Retriever works directly with clients in order to understand their highest value to customers. Over a month-long period, the Retriever team builds and tests outreach strategies to best communicate this value to potential leads.

Connect: After the first month, Retriever’s team of support specialists begin reaching out to potential leads with friendly and effective language. Leads are identified, contacted, qualified and then scheduled for a meeting with an account executive. All leads are purchased on-demand by the client and are held to a qualification standard of at least 50% converting to demoes.

Support: Business is always changing and Retriever’s team is built to pivot. Functioning as an arm to the client’s sales department, Retriever’s dedicated account managers work with teams to learn about upcoming products, changes in sales processes and ways they can best deliver top-level leads to sales staff.


Lead to Demo %

Retriever’s growth goals

In a few short weeks, Retriever has proven itself to be the driving revenue for source Studio, the incubator from which it came. Over the next year, Retriever will continue to be an essential asset to Studio and will need to hit the following goals:


  • Q1: $100k in MRR

  • Q2: $150k in MRR

  • Q3: $300k in MRR

  • Q4: $625k in MRR


  • Q1: 3 Clients

  • Q2: 4 Clients

  • Q3: 8 Clients

  • Q4: 16 Clients


  • Q1: 6 Staff

  • Q2: 8 Staff

  • Q3: 16 Staff

  • Q4: 32 Staff

Monthly Revenue

Client to Staffing

How will this happen?

In order to see this level of growth achieved, Retriever will need to build a leadership team that is dedicated to stable growth and consistent quality.

Stable Growth: This will be run by the CEO. This individual will be in charge of bringing in new clients, hiring new employees and retaining all high-value stakeholders and staff.

Consistent Quality: This will be run by the COO. This individual will be responsible for making sure that services are high quality, systems are built for each process and that the staff is delighted in their work.

Key Characteristics of Leadership:

  • Aligned with Founders

  • Trustworthy

  • Coachable

  • Empathetic to stakeholders and staff

  • Strategically intuitive in forecasting problems and providing solutions

  • Proven ability in managing and delighting accounts

  • Deep care for product quality



What comes next?

Bring Nathan on for a one-week trial


  • 11/26 - 11/30


  • Outreach, qualification and research of new clients for Retriever

  • Study and practice of all business aspects of Retriever

  • Active involvement researching, shadowing and leading sales calls


  • Qualify three new clients to the point of phone call with Oliver and Stedman

  • Learn 80% of the daily tasks of a Retriever employer

  • Be prepared to begin spinning up clients by January 1st, 2019

Do you want to do a week-long CEO date with Nate?