Joshua Ariza on Local Master's Podcast

The Conversation That Brought It All Together

Joshua Ariza: "I mean, the questions you sent over for the podcast are okay, but I think that they...I mean, man, I don't know, they just kind of hit at some nerves I don't know if I want to go into."

Me: "Like what?"

Josh: "Some of the questions just don't hit at the core of what I am about. Like, I want to keep everything positive. It's not that I want to avoid controversy, I just want to make sure that it comes back to a place of encouragement. A place where I feel a bit more qualified to speak into the issue."

Me: "Well, what do you feel qualified to talk about?"

Josh: "Anxiety."

Me: "....YES!"


  1. Joshua Ariza: You're talented, hilarious and brave. This wasn't an easy issue to delve into and you did it with clarity and grace. This was one of my favorite interviews because of the pragmatism and courage in which you approached the issue of anxiety. Mad props.
  2. Real Thread: You guys continue to put out quality resources for people in the design community. So much love for what you are doing and how you are doing it. Love that I get to work with you all monthly on this podcast.

Side Note

Is there no place a kind sense of humor can't take you? I think that we discuss issues of success by pointing to strength, intelligence or bravado. I don't think that humor gets a good enough wrap.

Being funny and virtuous (strong, intelligent, brave, etc) is the real key to success in my opinion. It might not always get you there quick, but, boy, will it get you there.